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Castle courtyards

Second courtyard

Picture: Second courtyard



The second courtyard is the smallest of the five courtyards. However, in it there is a building which was of great importance in the defence of the castle: the arsenal, also called the "Kurzer Kasten". Hand-held weapons and cannons were stored in the two lower floors, and grain on the upper floors. The master gunsmith had an apartment in the tower next to the arsenal. The three smaller towers on the town side are called the "Pfefferbüchsen". They originally housed small cannons which were kept ready for action.

Panoramic shot (360 degrees) of the second courtyard

Picture: Map of the second courtyard


17  Stethaimerweg – path to the town

18  Three watchtowers known as the “Pfefferbüchsen

19  Arsenal

20  Exit to the lake (Wöhrsee)

21  Master Gunsmith’s Tower

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