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Main castle

Picture: Main castle with castle keep



Access to the innermost part of the castle was protected by the gateway with adjacent bailey, a high wall and the castle keep, the main tower of the castle. Within this area were the buildings for the Duke and his family, and for the court. Located in the main building, the so-called Palas, were the state rooms, and the apartments of the ladies of the court.

The Knights’ Hall (Dürnitz) building takes its name from the heated hall on the first floor (Dürnitz Hall), in which the Duke’s retinue dined. The treasures of the “Rich Dukes” of Bavaria-Landshut were stored in the treasury. The inner castle chapel (St Elisabeth) was directly accessible from the apartments of the ducal family in the main living quarters. The small garden on the terrace was presumably a pleasure garden.


Picture: Map of the Main castle

1  Palas: State Castle Museum

2  Bower: Burghausen Municipal Museum

3  Lower ward

4  Inner castle chapel (St Elisabeth)

5  Treasury

6  Knights’ Hall: Visitors’ centre

7  Upper ward

8  Castle keep

9  Protective wall

10  Small garden on the terrace

11  Gateway building to the main castle

12  Ditch

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